My Favourite Children’s Author by Romey McDonald – ROALD DAHL

My first guest post

roald dahl 3


Roald Dahl

  • For creating some of the most fantastic insults ever! Clot, blackhead,  foul carbuncle,  poisonous pustule, ignorant little slug, witless weed, empty-headed hampster, stupid glob of glue!
  •  For the most mesmerizing descriptions which make me feel as though I am reading them for the first time, even hundreds of times later! A particular favourite is when the Grand High Witch removes her mask……..That face of hers was the most frightful and frightening thing I have ever seen. Just looking at it gave me the shakes all over. It was so crumpled and wizened, so shrunken and shrivelled, it looked as though it had been pickled in vinegar. It was a fearsome and ghastly sight. There was something terribly wrong with it, something foul and putrid and decayed. It seemed quite literally to be rotting away at the edges, and in the middle of the face, around the mouth and…

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