Censorship and Ethics

ethicspres“There will be many people who argue that since 9/11 the world has changed and the ethics of librarians must change with it”. (McMenemy, Poulter & Burton,  P9,  2007)


It’s been a fascinating first semester, learning about information literacy, the ethics of librarianship, and the role of libraries in society, and getting my head around distance learning and back into the swing of studying! https://app.emaze.com/@AIWOFLLZ/ethics-presentation#1 Just incase you fancy a peek, here is the end result of one of our first assignments, which was to work online as a group to create a presentation about ethics. We still have two assignments to hand in on the second week of January, which has been a blessing and a curse- it’s great to have time off over Christmas to get on with coursework, but a cloud of guilt and dread has been hanging over the usual festivities, and the niggling feeling I need to put down the prosecco and get back to the laptop! After a few shameless days of feasting and laziness, here goes!


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