Have you signed?


As one of our assignments we wrote an essay about the role of the Public Library in a diverse society. Whilst I certainly didn’t need reminding, writing the essay and researching the impact of public libraries on the communities they serve, only forced me to consider further how unbearable it would be to imagine a world without them. I’m sure you good folk have signed already, but here are the final sentences of my essay, and a link to the petition just incase you need a gentle reminder:

The library does more than simply loan books. It underpins every community. It is not just a place for self-improvement, but the supplier of an infrastructure for life and learning, from babies to old age, offering support, help, education, and encouraging a love of reading. (DCMS, 2014, p.5).


As I hope to have outlined, the role of the public library is as diverse as the communities it serves, and its’ contribution to empowering “people in the enrichment and development of their lives and that of the community in which they live” is fundamental to the democratic society in which we live (Gill, 2001,p.8).




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