Absence makes the heart grow fonder…

Or so I hope! It’s been a while (please forgive me) and so many amazing things have happened, not only did I pass year one of my LISM course, but I got to colour in the eyes of my daruma doll after getting my wish to have some adventures in Naples and Amsterdam, and I finished my first academic year in my new role- and recieved this little beauty….


A bit of glass has never meant so much!!! I’m sorry for being sentimental, but after making a tough decision about which path to follow and carrying around some guilt and uncertainty after suspending my PhD to pursue librarianship, this helped to silence any doubt that I had made the right decision. It’s been a busy year with studying and working, but what a feeling to make it to the end and feeling so certain I am doing what I love! I also happened to turn 30 last month, so it couldn’t have come at a more suitable time. If life begins at 30, this has been the best start!

In the library we now have our LMS ‘Heritage Cirqa’ up and running and have loads of new resources for the library for next term and are currently spending the summer months reorganising the layout and planning ahead, so it’s all looking positive!

Having no homework and quiet days at work without students over the summer has been like the greatest gift after having so little time, and I have been rediscovering all the joys of life like seeing family and friends, watching films and reading books (I just started Shantaram-it’s amazing!) and just to fulfill my geeky needs I have been doing some courses on Future Learn too. But best of all, I have finally managed to kick the roll-ups and have been trying to replace them with meditation and iyengar yoga classes which have made both my body and mind feel fantastic!!



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