The ultimate freebie

What could be better than free education? and education which is available 24/7 and accessible whenever you want it? I recently discovered the Future Learn site, and the range of fascinating courses available online, and have been working my way through the two courses below. I can’t recommend it enough!

Whilst the Psychology and Mental Health course has been incredibly stimulating and filled with discussion, fascinating lectures and readings which have enabled me to discover new perspectives and ideas and question my current thinking, the Mindfulness course has been equally fascinating with a strong practical element which helps you to develop mindful meditation practices and thinking patterns in your everyday life. The course content from each has complemented the other, and it’s been incredibly beneficial doing both alongside eachother! I can’t recommend enough checking out the range of courses available, and it’s also really interesting exploring the different methods each course uses to engage the learner through distance and online learning.


Psychology and Mental Health: Beyond Nature and Nurture

Psychological therapies and the work of clinical psychologists are now very popular. This free online course provides an introduction to how psychologists understand emotions, behaviours and thinking patterns, and how this helps clinical psychologists make sense of their clients’ problems.

Over six weeks, you will explore some of the current challenges and debates in the area of diagnosis and treatment, and discover new ways of thinking psychologically about mental health.

You will gain new perspectives on the “nature vs nurture” debate, and understand how we are affected by life experiences. You will also discuss new research, which promises to help us improve our own mental health and well-being.

Here is the link incase it sounds interesting (trust me, it is!)


Mindfulness for Wellbeing and Peak Performance

This practical six-week course explores the science, practice and philosophy of mindfulness. You will learn how to incorporate mindfulness practices into your life to reduce stress, improve mental health, and enhance your personal and professional life.

You will understand formal mindfulness meditation practices, as well as the informal practice of being mindful in daily life to learn – to pay attention to the present moment instead of worrying, dwelling in the past or reacting to what is happening.

You will also develop an attitude of friendliness and compassion toward yourself, as opposed to self-criticism.

These mindfulness-based approaches have been found to improve executive functioning, learning and memory, performance, communication, empathy, and mental and physical health.

And click here for a link to this course





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