Summer reading…


You know when you REALLY enjoy a book, so much so that you start pacing yourself so it will last longer? This book (Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts) has over 900 pages, and I’m still treasuring each one! There is nothing I love more than a travel adventure and this book has gripped me in the way The Beach did, perhaps because of my own longings to see more of the world and in particular to build up the courage and motivation to make my dream voyage to Japan!

Another book I have been slowly working my way through this summer is ‘The Artist’s Way’ by Julia Cameron- something which was recommended to me by a tarot reader I visited in Brighton on a day trip with my best friend. I think the combination of entering a new decade, and having free time with no coursework all summer, has inspired me to get reflective and so I decided to cast aside any scepticism and follow the book to see where it would take me! The book is also described as a course which is a magic word for me, and makes me instantly motivated to learn and to complete something!

The book encourages you to “recover your creative self” and overcome any creative blocks by stressing the importance of getting into the habit of free-writing three pages every morning when you wake up, alongside a series of weekly tasks. Having made it to week eight, I have found myself back in the habit of writing again at long last, revisiting incomplete projects and noticing gems of inspiration everyday for new ideas! There’s three precious weeks left until the course starts back again, and the pace is picking up at work with the students back at college so I’m feeling determined to keep up my newly found good habits.



One comment

  1. Gill Macdonald · September 6, 2016

    I definitely need to cultivate good working habits again after such a heavenly, hedonistic summer. I’m ordering both those books!


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