The job interview…

Amidst the madness of December came the most amazing opportunity of being interviewed for a Trainee Liason Librarian post at Reading University! We were advised upon starting our course to find the ideal job role, to read the job description and specification and to use this as a compass point to aim towards throughout the course and I just so happened to pick this very job! Having followed the blog of Yi Wen during her time in the role at Reading, and having decided this was the ideal role for me, when I saw a post advertised in November I decided I had to go for it. I was so overjoyed at being offered an interview, and did my best to swot up and prepare. However, we were assigned the task of delivering a presentation and with just one week to go before the interview, and unfortunately, one week to go before my assignment was due in, I found myself trying to juggle both tasks and feeling I was unable to devote the time necessary to either.

The presentation brief was to present how we would approach teaching a group of second year undergraduate students about a library resource, and I was delighted to be able to put into use all the information I had learned about on the Information Literacy module, and also to be able to share the resource I made for Emerald Insight. But whilst I had prepared the content of the presentation itself and the resource I wanted to demonstrate, I had neglected to focus on and practice the actual presentation itself- instead squeezing in too much and attempting to reference teaching and learning theory in order to illustrate my awareness of it, rather than considering the experience of my audience and how to make the information engaging and interactive.


I like this angle!

Sadly due to this, I didn’t get the job- however, I was given the most encouraging and positive feedback. In fact the whole experience was so positive, because it helped me to remember amongst all the assignments, what I am aiming for, the opportunities that await at the end of the course, the skills I am developing, and why librarianship¬† is something I am so passionate about as a career path! I also had the opportunity to discuss my future and all kinds of fascinating issues with some really interesting people, and explore a beautiful library. I was kindly told I would be welcome to apply again, and with just one last term to go of the course, and lots of motivation to develop my presenting skills, I can’t wait to give it another shot!


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  1. Gill Macdonald · January 19, 2017

    Very constructive, intelligent writing!


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