This blog will accompany my leap into the wonderful world of libraries as I begin my MA in Library and Information Services Management at Sheffield (Distance Learning), and my first full-time library job at a further education college.

The blog is named Kameosa due to my love of all things Japanese! In Japanese mythology a kameosa is an inanimate object which comes to life and begins to produce inexhaustible supplies of saki or whatever one chooses to put inside it, and similarly I hope this blog too will be full of unexpected delights!

A very brief bit of back-story: I did my degree in Media and Creative Writing, and after working in film and post-production for several years I went on to do my MA in Screenwriting. I then went into education, running creative writing workshops with children for the amazing Inkhead (http://inkhead.co.uk/pages/teachers) and working as a Teaching Assistant and Learning Support Assistant in schools. I was certain I wanted to work in education, but perhaps not as a class teacher, and after getting a part-time job working in my old University Library whilst studying for my PhD I finally had the bingo moment. My mission was clear!

As a newbie, it’s been amazing discovering the online library community, and I have learnt so much from some very inspiring people just nosing around! I really look forward to interacting with the community as I begin to gain knowledge and skills through my job and course, and to finding ways to get involved and make my contribution in return.

Arigato taishite choushu!


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